Are ICTs helping children grow up too quickly?

After reading Mike’s blog post on cyber safety and pondering over my own experience whilst on prac, a few interesting (and rather scary) points came to mind. I, like Mike, was brought to the attention of the seriousness of students using ICTs for unsafe and inappropriate practices whilst on prac. Whilst discussing the importance of cyber safety with my mentor, I learned that students as young as Grade 6 are operating Facebook accounts and posting photos which portray them as being well into their teen years. Whats really unsafe however is that these students have open Facebook accounts which are easily accessible to the public. This issue is an example of the misunderstandings or an unawareness students have of the real dangers associated with online profiles. Whilst Googling for helpful resources, I discovered the resource How Cybersmart are you? quiz, which I believe would be a good resource to use when trying to rectify the current problem. Students need to be interacting with more resources like this on a daily basis to build up a good knowledge of possible risks when operating online, and strategies which can be put in place to minimize them. 


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